When to Use LED Bulbs

LED BulbsMore and more people are switching to LED bulbs rather than traditional types, or even halogens, because they are far more economical, being around eight times as efficient as other types of lighting. They also last a long time, which means they don’t need to be replaced very often, and you can easily recoup the cost of the bulb in the electricity you save. LEDs are however quite different from traditional bulbs, so you need to think about how you’re going to use them before you go swapping all of the light fittings in your home.

The first thing to take note of is that generally, LEDs do not give out a particularly wide range of light. Where the traditional bulb shape is ideal for sending light out in all directions, shaped only by the lampshade you choose, LED bulbs direct and focus their beam. There are a variety of angles available of course, but none of them will distribute light in the same way that your current bulbs do, and it’s worth remembering this.

The way to get round this difference is to have more than one bulb. Of course this probably means changing your light fitting to incorporate multiple sockets, but it’s generally worth it both financially and aesthetically. You can then direct each bulb in order to get light wherever you want or need it. This is especially useful in kitchens, where you need to eliminate shadows on work surfaces.

As with most other bulb types, LEDs come in a variety of different colours and tones. The primary disadvantage is that many people believe that LEDs are never quite as warm as a traditional bulb, though in reality some of them are very good. This means that they might not be suitable in the living room or bedroom for instance. The best application of LEDs is in the kitchen or bathroom, because they come in varieties that give out an exceptionally clean, bright and white light which suits requirements perfectly. There are some bulbs which accurately replicate sunlight, and others which are designed to reproduce colour as closely as possible.

Of all of the LEDs available, the GU10 variety is probably the most popular because of its great economy. You can find GU10 LED bulbs and lamps at Downlightsdirect.co.uk; they’ve also got LED bulbs for use just about anywhere.