7:53 am - Thursday August 25, 2016

Space-saving solutions for the living room

living room decorating tipsOf all the rooms in your house, the living room is not only the most public, but the most social. While practical planning is essential to pull off a neat, spacious layout, it’s also important to apply a comfortable and welcoming aesthetic, making the room a focal point of the home and a pleasant space to spend time.

The sofa is a key piece of furniture, an anchor around which the whole living room can be planned out. It’s therefore essential to purchase something which makes the best use of your space, without compromising on looks or comfort. Compact corner sofas can be ideal for slotting into smaller living rooms and make a cosy spot in which to relax. With contemporary trends for modular furniture going strong, there are plenty of upholstery options and styles to choose from.

Dual purpose is the mode of the day when it comes to the living room and even the sofa doesn’t have to be just for sitting. Many units come with hidden storage underneath the seats, and even a sofa-bed if desired. Apply this approach to the rest of the room, and you can install coffee-tables which double as game and magazine tidies, and recesses used as book shelves or display cabinets.

Don’t forget to utilise the whole length of the wall if you’re pressed for space. Attach high shelves and consider a hanging desk, perhaps one that can even fold up, that will keep your floor clear and make even more use of your space. The more you emphasise the vertical aspect of your lounge, the more room it will seem to contain. If you can’t find a piece of furniture to squeeze into that gap next to the window, consider having a window-seat fitted for additional storage – front-opening cupboards or drawers are best for easy access.

For many people, the living room ends up being used as a diner and a playroom as well, but the right storage system can play up the functional side without making it look too busy. Make use of light-enhancing materials like glass, and if in doubt, go for paler, matching shades on storage units, particularly if they cover one side of the room. Good living room design is about re-thinking a familiar place, prioritising your needs and making features of even the most awkward spaces.

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