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How to Personalize Your Home Office

Do you work from home or work regularly out of your home office?  Does your office feel like a mix-match of miscellaneous items that don’t really coordinate? Maybe it’s messy, unorganized, or just lacking a creative touch. Your office should be a reflection of you, with some imaginative, personal touches – not just a boring desk and chair combination. Have you ever been in an office that is designed and organized well? How does it make you feel? For many people, clean, organized, personalized office spaces allow them to dig deeper in their work, be more creative, and inspire them to work harder.  With just a little effort, you can transform your home office into a place with pizzazz.

 Add the right furniture:

A boring metal filing cabinet is exactly that: boring. Sure, it functions just fine, but is it aesthetically pleasing? Probably not. Consider getting a nice oak furniture desk and filing set, such as the Vancouver Petite Oak Double Pedestal Desk or the Vancouver Petite Oak 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet. That way, you incorporate functionality as well as beauty and elegance into the office space without much work. The right furniture goes a long way!

 Office Design

Decorating your office should be a fun task

Add wall art:

One large, dramatic wall piece, whether it is a painting, an abstract piece, or something else, will add a unique flare to the space. Or, if you’re looking for something more personal, create a collage of personal photos and send them off to your favourite printing place for them to blow up and insert onto a canvas. This will not only allow you to create a big, bold piece, but will also give you the chance to showcase some of your more personal things.

Add colour:

There is nothing drabber than plain, white walls, especially in an office space where you should be working and concentrating.  What’s your favourite colour? Do you want your office space to feel calm? Then paint it blue (which is known for its calming effect). Or, if you want a space that makes you feel more energised, paint the walls and add accessories that are red (which has an energising effect). In addition, add some greenery in the form of plants – this adds a nice, healthy glow to the office.

Add lighting:

Hang a decorative chandelier from the ceiling over your desk, or add some decorative but functional desk lamps on your desk. Lighting is key to adding ambiance to any space and can make it feel warm and inviting.

 Office Lighting

A good source of lighting makes an office look better

There are a couple of things to remember: first, keep your décor professional. That crazy picture from last year’s holiday party may not be best for display. Make your displays tasteful and current.  Next, the key to personalizing your office is to not over-decorate. Don’t be pressured to fill every empty wall space with art or pictures. Keep things as uncluttered as possible. 

If you’re working in your office for hours of the day, like many of us are, you’ll want to personalize it so you can feel at home and ready to work. A little bit of décor can make a big difference in your space and will inspire you to work harder!

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