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New Homeowners’ Guide to Sofa Beds

 Sofa beds are no longer uncomfortable, cheap and scruffy-appearing substitutes for beds. Increasingly popular, many homeowners choose to use sofa beds in replacement of actual beds. And it is no surprise why; with fabulous designs, sturdy builds and convenient advantages, sofa beds are a fantastic buy. Here is a guide to sofa beds for new homeowners, outlining the reasons why they are fast becoming the new fashion and the thing to buy.

Great for Friends and Family

An inexpensive way to provide for guests and family, sofa beds are undoubtedly a great buy. Whilst the option of a guest room may not be realistic for first time homeowners, sofa beds ensure that distant family and friends can still come to visit without having to pay out for a hotel. Thanks to sofa beds, homeowners won’t have to search for spare mattresses and room in order to lodge friends; making visits hassle free and much more enjoyable. Guests will be given their own space, ensuring a comfortable and restful stay.

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are perfect for the arrival of guests.

Ideal for Studio Apartments

Cheap, convenient and cosy, studio apartments often make ideal first time homes. The only negative aspect however, is the lack of space. This is where sofa beds fit in perfectly; couples can transform their day time living room into a bedroom at night. Without the addition of a separate bed, apartments will look neat and spacious during the day, enabling homeowners to comfortably get on with their tasks. At night, couples can simply pull out the bed and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Innovative Designs to Suit Everyone

Not only are sofa beds convenient but they are also creatively designed to add style to the home. A great way for homeowners to put their mark on their new home, sofa beds come in a variation of styles, sizes and designs. From modern, sleek leather styles to comfortable cushion designs, homeowners are bound to find something to suit them. Sofa beds will complement the theme and style of the room, combining convenience with fashion. From buying a large, double sofa bed, perfect for couples, to a simple, single sofa bed, great for that extra guest, sofa beds are created to fulfill home-owners personal wishes.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds come in a range of modern, sleek designs

 Cost Advantages

Homeowners are guaranteed to save money buying a sofa bed in replacement of a bed. A two in one, sofa and bed, sofa beds will cut initial costs for homeowners enormously. However, homeowners need not worry about comfort being compromised as sofa beds will still offer all the comfort of beds and settees, despite being cheaper to buy.  Many sofa beds come with the option to replace mattresses, meaning if homeowners aren’t completely satisfied they can simply buy a new mattress to suit their taste. An easy way for first time homeowners to save that much needed bit of money, sofa beds come with great financial advantages.


Comfortable, convenient and stylish, sofa beds have a multitude of benefits. From creating a perfect pull out bedroom for guests to allowing homeowners to save space, sofa beds are a fantastic purchase. Boasting so many great advantages, it is safe to say sofa beds are a buy homeowners will not regret. BoConcept have an impressive range of sofas, see them here.

 By Maria Hubbard

Image Credits: Dreams Beds and Mattresses and Dreams Beds and Mattresses

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