Making Sense of Pillow Sizes: How to Shop Online

Pillow ShoppingPicking the right size pillow can sometimes be difficult. In this article, we will try to explain the different measurements you will find.

The first thing to think about is that when talking about pillow dimensions, they are always referring to the pillow cover’s width and length when flat and without stuffing. These measurements are usually taken along the seams from corner to corner. The measurements are usually rounded up to the nearest inch to make things easy.

Here’s a good example. A 18″x18″ pillow may actually have dimensions of 17.3”x17.3” .These dimensions will be rounded up to the nearest inch, thus making the pillow an 18”x18” pillow. When stuffed, this pillow’s measurements would be a lot closer to 18”x18”.

These are just general guidelines to help you get a good idea of how pillow measurements work. Sometimes, the measurements will not be rounded up. This can happen if the dimensions are just a small amount bigger than the nearest whole inch. For example, if a pillow measures 19.2”x19.2”, it will still be considered a 19”x19” pillow.

When shopping for pillows for your living room, dining room, or bedroom, keep those sizing explanations in your head. It is very common for people to measure across the stuffed pillow to get their dimensions, only to find out when the pillows they ordered arrive and are much smaller than they were hoping for. Some of the common sizes for sofa pillows are 18”x18” and 20”x20”. You will sometimes see, for larger sofas, pillows that measure 22”x22” and 24”x24”.

Here’s some helpful advice if you are wanting to measure the pillows you already have. If they have a zipper and the insert can be removed, take those out before you do any measuring. If this isn’t possible, just pull the seam as tight as you can before you measure. If you’re not able to get it completely straight, just add about 1/2in to your measurement to get as close as possible.

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