Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen GadgetsGadgets can help you spend less time doing laborious things that you don’t want to do- think of the elation the average housewife must have felt when the vacuum cleaner or washing machine was invented. Now-a-days, gadgets in the kitchen aren’t revolutionary, but just make them better kitchens to be in. Here are our picks of the most innovative kitchen designs and gadgets out there today.

The Coffee Machine

Every coffee lover needs one in their kitchen. Coffee machines come in various sizes, prices, colours and shapes and can produce the ultimate in the home coffee experience. The best bean-to-cup coffee makers come in at around £350 with stylish designs and all the mod cons, from milk frothing to cup warming. You can create a whole range of different types of coffees with these machines, so whether your cup of choice is an espresso or a macchiato, your coffee machine will cater to you.

The Vanishing Sink  

This is an inspired sink design. The sink includes a safety glass cover to slide over your sink so you can use it as a chopping board, to put things on, or even to hide your washing up. Perfect for small kitchens or islands, this design means you have more space to work on and the feel of a bigger kitchen.


You can now get a whole range of different taps that not only differ in design, but in function too. Boiling water taps are growing with popularity and serve as a replacement for the kettle, dispensing 98 degree Celsius water instantly. Another innovative tap design is one that conserves up to 30% of water usage in comparison to normal faucets, which will save you money.

Designer Hoods

Ventilation products must be among the dullest of kitchen features, but they needn’t be. There are some companies out there that have a whole range of different and inspired designs in a range of colours to fit in with the style of you and your kitchen. If money is no object then the ventilation hood is a product that can be interesting, innovative, and even beautiful.