Common Home Decorating Mistakes

Home Decoration MistakessHome decorating is one of the more common methods of DIY, with the current economic climate leading to many people choosing to eschew a specialist and get the job done themselves.  There’s a lot to be said for this approach, of course.  However, it’s important to keep in mind the potential pitfalls that an amateur can easily find themselves falling into.  That’s why we’ve put together this little list of the common mistakes made in home decorating:

Rushing the colour.  Remember, you’ll have to live with the colour of your room for years.  That’s why you should always take the time to choose the right colour.  It’s important that as well as avoiding a clash (quite an obvious point), you also ensure that it’s exactly the right combination for the design.  Just because two colours match, doesn’t mean they’re perfect for each other.  Try out every possible colour combination before settling on one.  Don’t get the brushes out until you’re absolutely sure!

Not measuring properly.  If there’s one surefire way to reach a decorating disaster, it’s not taking the time to measure absolutely everything at least three times over.  Whether it’s wallpaper, a portrait or a mirror, measuring everything carefully is vital.  Remember: just because something looks good in a showroom doesn’t mean it’ll look good in your house!  Modern smartphone and tablet apps give you the ability to plan out the measurements of your new design easily to ensure everything will look great.  Take advantage.

Spending over the odds.  It’s important to remember that cheap and inexpensive are not the same thing!  Granted, everyone wants to create a design that’ll make the neighbours jealous, but you don’t need to spend hundreds for the sake of it.  If something looks good, then it looks good: how much it cost is irrelevant.  Always hunt around for bargain prices on materials, and check out the different prices available online.  There’s absolutely no excuse for paying the RRP when there’s so many cheap online shops around.

Over-filling the space.  One of the hallmarks of classy decorating is not to overdo a design.  We’re not suggesting you should go for absolute minimalism, but there’s definitely a fine line between ‘homely’ and ‘cluttered’.  Really think about what genuinely needs to be included in a room’s design and what doesn’t.

This post was written on behalf of GB Decorating, a decorators London based firm.